Condo operating budgets were hit hard by the implementation of the HST in late 2009. Within a year, the Condo Owners Association of Ontario (COA) was formed, in part to advocate for residents facing escalating maintenance fees.


  Founded by a Toronto realtor, COA is supporting the push for the new Condominium Act, and other changes, such as specific property-tax assessments strictly relating to condominiums, a government bond with higher interest rates for condo reserve funds, special government-funded loans for condo energy retroffitting, better building codes, no HST on utilities and several other important initiatives.

  COA also wants to see more universal rules governing condominium declarations, which are typically dense legal documents written by lawyers for the project developers, and can vary greatly from building to building.

 COA chapters are starting to form throughout Ontario. Kingston should have one! The more voices raised, the more likely changes will come.

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